Kidical Mass at Wokingham Bikeathon

A warm and sunny day, finally! Around 60 riders and one dog turned up at the Bikeathon for the Kidical Mass ride. Our stand stood among others supporting the Bikeathon – everything we took with us reached the site by bike.

After a briefing and donning Kidical Mass stickers on our t-shirts amongst a plethora of stickers from other stalls our group headed off around the park.

Some of the smaller balance bikers continued round the park to find the finish, whilst the rest headed out onto the roads, ringing our bells and donning smiles as we cycled.

Most Wokingham children are walking around with credit cards – they are Beat the Street and encourage travelling by walking or bike to touch beat boxes. We had two on our route and one had double points for the ride! We regrouped and most climbed off their bikes and touched the boxes.

Before we knew it we were cycling through the Bikeathon finishing line to ringing cow bells and lots of cheer with 2.5 miles behind us.

Cake and tattoos were waiting!

Thank you to everyone who joined us, I was very impressed by the skills, confidence and how sensible some of the littlest riders were – my 3 year old pedalled a Kidical Mass ride for the first time which I am extremely proud of.

See you next time:

  • in Reading for our Summer ride ☀️
    Sun 7th July, 2pm from Tutu’s in Palmer Park
  • in Wokingham for our Summer picnic ride 🧺
    Sat 10th August, 2pm from Elms Fields (check the Facebook event)