The people behind KM β€” Rodrigo

What is your current family bike setup?

I currently own a second-hand bike that my partner got for me from Reading Bike Kitchen, and I must admit, I absolutely love it. There’s also the added benefit that I can leave it in Central Reading without constantly worrying about it getting stolen.😊

How does cycling fit into your life?

Cycling has recently become a significant part of my life. Although I used to cycle as a kid and teenager, the allure of four-wheeled vehicles took over once I got my driver’s license. However, rediscovering the joy of cycling happened when I started dating my current partner. Initially, it was just casual rides around Reading and its surroundings, but now, it has transformed into my preferred mode for short distances. Whether it’s meeting friends in town or commuting to work (especially on rain-free days), cycling has seamlessly integrated itself into my lifestyle.

Why did you get involved in Kidical Mass?

My journey with Kidical Mass began when my partner invited me to join a ride in Inverness. The experience was intimidating at first, cycling on an A road before joining the rest of the ride in the city centre. However, this initial challenge piqued my interest. Upon returning to Reading, I participated in the first Kidical Mass ride here. It turned out to be not just fun, but also an eye-opener. These rides helped me discover new routes in Reading, boosting my confidence to cycle on roads and encouraging me to incorporate biking into my daily activities.

What is your role in Kidical Mass?

Initially, I assisted as a marshal, ensuring the safety of the riders. I still take on this role when the need arises. Now, I actively participate in the rides because they’re enjoyable and enriching experiences. I also collaborate with other organisers to secure funding that can sustain and expand this initiative. Being part of Kidical Mass has not only enhanced my biking skills but also ignited a passion for promoting cycling within the community.